Broadcast Journalism Cover Letter

Here is the Broadcast Journalism Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Sousa,

This letter is being written because of an opening I saw listed by your company for Broadcast Journalism recently. I feel that my speaking voice along with my love of the news would make me a great personality for Disney ABC Television Group.

A summary of my qualifications is listed below and highlights my accomplishments as well, I have:

Been in this industry for over 7 years and bring a keen eye for newsworthy subjects and am on top of all of the breaking stories of the day.

The ability to speak with people and draw out the hard answers and do not have a star struck attitude when speaking with those who may be famous.

A familiarity with all equipment that would be needed in order to carry out my job if I were sent to a remote location where a full team would not be available.

I know that in most cases it does take a team in order to broadcast news, but can also comfortably work on my own if need be. For this reason, I feel that my skills would be beneficial to Disney ABC Television Group.

I would like to further discuss my history and background and would like to set up a time to meet with you. Please contact me at (012)-345-6789 or email me at []



Barbara Choate

Encl: Resume