Bus Driver Cover Letter

Here is the Bus Driver Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Richard,

I am writing because I would like to apply for the Bus Driver position that I have seen posted as open. I know that my driving record and skills handling a boat would be a benefit to Veolia Transportation.

The following is a summary of the abilities and strengths that would be beneficial to your company, I have:

Been driving a bus for over 5 years now and feel that comfort and safety of my passengers is the most important aspect of my job.

The ability to create new routes that may offer a savings in fuel as well as in time which means more efficiency and cost savings for the company.

An appropriate driver’s license to drive a bus and I pay attention to all of the rules of the road and never speed. It is vital for the safety of all passengers that their driver pays attention at all times.

It is important for any organization to have bus drivers that they can trust with any age of passenger. I know that I bring a love for the job and for those that I am transporting and that I would be a great addition to Veolia Transportation.

In order to reach me, you can call (012)-345-6789 or you can email me at [email@resumetemplate.ca] I would like to further discuss your need for a bus driver and how I can fill that need.


Your Signature

Joseph Toney

Enclosure: Resume