Car Washer Cover Letter

Here is the Car Washer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Rachael Teixeira,

I am interested in the position you have open at The Casey Group for a Car Washer.

I have worked as a car washer for a few years and enjoy the work and also understand the work it takes and I am physically able to handle the challenges. I have also worked in the car detailing business and could bring this unique knowledge to the company. I have worked at both hand washing and automatic car washing businesses and understand the different tasks required for both.

Again, I am physically able to handle any task that is given to me including lifting heavy items to move them to and from different areas. I can also do all the bending needed in order to vacuum and detail the inside of the car, clean tires and buff out and dry the exterior of the car. I can also climb up high to do the larger SUVs and trucks that I may be required to clean and buff.

I am a highly detailed person and would never give a client back a vehicle that I did not think was perfect and would ensure that all polishing and detail work is done to perfection. I am a great communicator which holds me in good stead when dealing with customers special requests. I can also handle money if my job requires me to take payment from them.

If you would like to discuss my role in your company further, feel free to contact me at (012)-345-6789 so we can set up a time to meet.


Your Signature

Shonta Martinez

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