Catering Sales Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Catering Sales Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Mcpherson,

I am interested in applying for your Catering Sales Manager position, as advertised in Sunday’s edition of Houston Chronicle. I am more than qualified, and would love the opportunity to apply today with my resume.

I understand that any business, especially one that is specified as a catering business, requires not just an outstanding product and customer service; but also, a very thorough and comprehensive marketing plan to get the name out there to new clients. I have been a Catering Sales Manager for the past 13 years, having worked for Pepper’s Fine Foods Catering for the past seven and for Omni Hotels the previous six years. In that time, I have grown both businesses names and reputation into what they are today-staples of the American household. After having tasted some of your goods, I know I can do the same thing for your talented catering business.

Please give me a call to arrange a meeting at (012)-345-6789. I can bring in my portfolio and list of clients to help you with your decision in hiring. Thanks so much for your time.


John Knight

John Knight

Resume Attached as MS Word Document