Clinical Laboratory Scientist Cover Letter

Here is the Clinical Laboratory Scientist Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Woods,

I am interested in a career with your company as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and this letter is being sent to express this interest. I know that my background in science and medicine would be beneficial for Sutter Health as well as for the patients who are depending on an accurate diagnosis.

My attached resume highlights in more depth my history but the following is a summary for your perusal:

After obtaining my degree in college, I followed that up with over 9 years experience working as a clinical scientist.

My empathy for my patients makes me more dedicated to going to all lengths to learn what is ailing them without conducting frivolous tests at the expense of the hospital or medical center.

Coming up with a proper diagnosis depends on teamwork and I have been blessed in the past to work with many great teams.

I know in my past experience that the patients are the first priority. For this reason, I feel that I would be able to make a positive impact on not only Sutter Health but for those who are seeking a diagnosis.

I would love to sit down and speak to you about what I can offer your company the skills that I would bring. I can be contacted at (012)-345-6789 or emailed at []



Diana Papineau

Encl: Resume