Clinical Nurse Specialist Cover Letter

Here is the Clinical Nurse Specialist Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Edelman,

I am applying for the open position of Clinical Nurse Specialist with Sharp Grossmont Hospital.

I have my master’s degree in nursing where I received the training I needed to hold this position. My education centered on learning how to do outstanding research, sociological strategy and critical-thinking skills. My studies also included statistics, theory, pharmacology, epidemiology and assessing the condition of patients.

I am a licensed registered nurse and I specialized in cardiovascular health. I gained hands-on experience in this specific field by taking part in a practicum program. During this training I learned how to interact with patients and their families in a professional but caring manner. I understand seriously ill patients and their families are often very emotional and I know how to deal with these situations.

I have experience monitoring patients to see how they are responding to treatment and to determine if changes need to be made in the treatment plan. I have acquired critical thinking, time management and great problem solving skills. I have the ability to make good sound decisions even during high stressed situations.

I always listen to patients to hear what they have to say about the way they are feeling because this is the best way to begin a diagnosis and I speak to patients in terms they can understand. I have also learned social perceptiveness and can pick up on what a person may be feeling or thinking based on their reactions.

You can reach me for an interview by calling (012)-345-6789 and I hope to hear from you soon.


Your Signature

Allen Eskridge

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