Clinician Cover Letter

Here is the Clinician Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Mears,

I am submitting this letter in the interest of acquiring a Clinician position with your practice. I know that my skills in the medical field would be a benefit to Wheeler Clinic and I will bring new patients to any new practice that I work at.

The following is a summary of my history and qualifications which are explained further and in more detail on my resume:

I have over 9 years experience working in the medical field and find the clinic side of medicine to be fascinating and rewarding.

Working directly with patients is not something that is new to me and I have a manner that puts those who have anxiety issues at ease.

There are times when I have put in long hours in order to make sure that all of my patients have the full care that they deserve and I do not have a problem with working these lengthy days.

A clinic needs to have a fully functioning staff that works well together in order to be successful. I know that I would bring a positive attitude as well as an enthusiasm for my patients well being that would benefit Wheeler Clinics.

A meeting to discuss my clinical background and for me to illustrate how I can benefit your practice would be in both our best interests. Please contact me at (012)-345-6789 or reach me by email [] to discuss a time for this meeting.


Your Signature

Miguel Pounds

Enclosure: Resume