Collection Specialist Cover Letter

Here is the Collection Specialist Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Pauline Kovach,

I am applying for the Collection Specialist position with Retention And Collection Specialist Inc.

I have a degree in accounting and the skills to handle your billing department efficiently. I am familiar with the software and programs used to help keep tract of accounts and I have the computer skills to keep information updated and to make sure that all payments made are credited to the right accounts.

I have the skills to monitor and track accounts to keep the billing process current to ensure payment are being made according to the arrangements. When accounts become delinquent, I have the writing and verbal skills to send out notices and to make calls to remind the customers of their obligations and of the late fees that are incurring.

I have the personality and communication skills to collect past due debts. I understand that many people put off paying debts due to unanswered questions and I have the skills to resolve discrepancies, answer questions and help customers understand their bill. I also have excellent customer service and people skills, which is very important when dealing with such a sensitive matter. I can be sympathetic and friendly while staying focused on the job at hand.

I have the ability to follow company policies for offering discounts, refunds, adjustments and payment arrangements. I have excellent decision-making skills with the ability to determine when to consider writing off small balances. I adhere to a high ethical standard and maintain a friendly but professional attitude at all times.

My contact number is (012)-345-6789 and I look forward to meeting with you soon.


Your Signature

Justin Hird

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