Commercial Analyst Cover Letter

Here is the Commercial Analyst Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Creek,

I am applying for the Commercial Analyst position with Frandsen Corporation.

I have a master’s degree in business administration and over two years of experience working for a small company where I held this position. However, I feel it is time to move into a position with more challenges where I can put my education and experience to better use. While earning my degree I studied data analysis, financial accounting and economics. I also studied strategic and marketing management.

I have extensive managerial skills and experience working with a variety of projects from the beginning to the end. I forecasted budgets, supervised and provide support for the staff and made sure the projects were completed on schedule while maintaining quality work.

I possess very strong leadership and communication skills, which are necessary in this line of work in order to clearly understand the details surrounding each project and the expected outcome. I also have the ability to make important decisions without hesitating.

I have excellent problem solving skills with the analytical and technical skills needed to properly analyze and interpret data and other information to determine the best course of action. I have the ability to solve problems in a fast and efficient manner so business can continue as normal. I have the education and training needed to be confident that I am the best applicant for this job and I am sure that after viewing my resume, you will feel the same way.

You can reach me by calling (012)-345-6789 and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Mari Huntley

Encl: Resume