Commercial Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Commercial Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Funk,

I am responding to your recent advertisement for a Commercial Manager, and have humbly attached my resume at your request.

I graduated from Eastern College with a degree in Business, and have four years as a Commercial Manager for large firms in the area. I am now looking to work for a smaller firm, where I can spend more time with my clients and develop closer relationships than I might with a bigger corporation. I believe your position would offer me just this opportunity. I am highly capable in my position, love communicating with people, and am very organized.

I would love to discuss more about my background if you could please call me at the following number: (012)-345-6789. Once you do, we can arrange for a meeting that suits your schedule, and get to know one another better. Thank you for your consideration today and I look forward to hearing from you.


Your Signature

Brad Reyes

Enclosure: Resume