Commercial Underwriter Cover Letter

Here is the Commercial Underwriter Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Kelly,

I am submitting this letter to you in hopes of being considered for the Commercial Underwriter position. I know that my ability at knowing what can help a company become more successful and to have more assets would be beneficial to Villanti and Company.

You will find that my attached resume shows that I am fully qualified for this position. A brief summary of my qualifications is a follows:

I am able to look at business relationships from the outside to project whether they would be beneficial or would be a financial risk for the company and would be able to communicate my findings appropriately.

All of my findings are based on fact, data charts and trends in all aspects of investing and money management which can make or save any company financially.

I have worked in this industry for over 7 years and have a proven track record for assessing problems and issues and can come up with strategies to fix them.

It is vital for any company that needs to make critical financial decision to have a team to make the tough decisions. For this reason, I know that I could be a vital part of the team at Villanti and Company.

A meeting where we can further discuss what I can offer your company would be in both of our interests. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 or emailed at []



Alfred Ramos

Encl: Resume