Communications Coordinator Cover Letter

Here is the Communications Coordinator Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Richard,

This letter is being submitted because I am interested in being considered for a position in your company as a Communications Coordinator. I feel that my degree in communications when married with the time I have spent working in this industry would be beneficial to Inteva Products.

I have submitted my resume but would like to summarize some of the information provided on it for your perusal:

With over 7 years in this career, I bring a maturity and eye for detail that can only work for the good of the company.

I have worked at internal as well as external communications and am as comfortable in a board room full of peers as I am in front of a crowd of journalists and cameras.

Writing is one of my strong points and I can write press releases and product reviews that shines a good light on it.

I know that any organization is dependent upon a team in order to be profitable. I know that my skills in this area would be an asset to Inteva Products.

I would like the chance to speak to you directly about my qualifications and history. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 and emailed at []


Karl George

Karl George

Resume Attached as MS Word Document