Community Worker Cover Letter

Here is the Community Worker Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Bellamy,

I’m sending this letter to inform you of my interest in the community worker job being advertised in the local paper. I fully believe my skills could benefit your organization and assist in helping your company meet its long term goals.

I believe my 7 years of training and experience in this field makes me an excellent candidate for this position and I would like to become a part of the team at Land star System Inc. My skills include the following:

I have excellent leadership, communication and analytical skills.

I have experience researching and determining the needs and issues of the community, then finding sound and reasonable solutions to these problems.

Preparing reports, budgets and designing ways to keep the public interest stimulated and focused on the good of the community is also part of my expertise.

I feel a meeting would be in the best of both our interest as it would give me the opportunity to review my past work history in more detail and determine what advantages I have to offer your organization if selected to fill this position.

Please contact anytime for an interview or if you need more information at (012)-345-6789. I can also be reached by email at [] I’ll be looking forward to your response.


Your Signature

Jennifer Helt

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