Concierge Cover Letter

Here is the Concierge Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Garris,

I was pleased to see the ad for Concierge on while browsing for new positions. This is just the job for me, and I have included my resume to show you why.

This would be more than a dream job for me, as I have always loved your hotel and resort as a guest; and would love to offer my extensive experience and education to your success. The past five years, I have been employed as a Concierge at Fairmont Dallas, and have offered only the best in knowledgeable and attentive service to all of the hotel guests looking for area information.

I know I would make an asset to your hotel and resort, and would love to tell you more about my background. Phone me at your earliest convenience to discuss a time to meet. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789, and look forward to your call.


Your Signature

George Huffman

Enclosure: Resume