Construction Supervisor Cover Letter

Here is the Construction Supervisor Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Steele,

I am applying for a Construction Supervisor position with your company and this is my letter of introduction. I know that my managerial skills and ability to motivate my construction crew would be a benefit to Isbir Construction & Landscape and I would bring many years of experience to this company.

The following is a summary of my history and qualifications for your perusal:

I have more than 8 years experience and have completed every project that I have supervised on time and within budget.

Working as a liaison between the company and the construction crew is a large part of the supervisory job and I have the communication skills to do this effectively.

I have also been made project manager on construction projects that were also completed in a satisfactory manner.

I know that any organization requires a fully functional team in order to be successful. As the liaison between teams, I am capable of dealing with all aspects of my supervisory position and would be an asset to Isbir Construction & Landscape.

I would like to schedule a time to meet and discuss further my experience and the qualities I would bring to your company. I can be reached by phone (012)-345-6789 or by email [] and am free for a meeting at any time.



Otis Singh

Encl: Resume