Corporate Pilot Cover Letter

Here is the Corporate Pilot Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Brandon Lane,

I have a real interest in the Corporate Pilot position with JetBlue Airways and I have the skills and training to be the best person for this job.

I completed an FAA accredited flight school program and obtained my commercial pilot’s license. I have also obtained a bachelor’s degree in aviation. I always knew I wanted a career as a pilot and I have found the private sector of this industry to be more suited to my personality and career goals. I enjoy interacting with the passengers and I have the ability to help create a relaxing environment where everyone can enjoy the flight knowing they are in good hands.

I also have a good understanding of mechanics with the ability to troubleshoot problems and make minor repairs when necessary to ensure the plane is safe to fly. I understand how weather plays a major role in whether or not it is safe to fly and I never take unnecessary chances.

I have the skills to handle some of the personal needs of the passengers such as arranging cab service for them to be transported to their hotel or other place of lodging once they arrive at their destination or to make rental car arrangements.

I also have the ability to arrange in-flight meals for the passengers on long trips and snacks and beverages for the shorter flights. I am in good physical condition with excellent vision and I always put the safety of the passengers first.

You can reach me for an interview at (012)-345-6789.


Your Signature

Beatrice Lowry

Enclosure: Resume