Corporate Recruiter Cover Letter

Here is the Corporate Recruiter Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Simon,

I would like to submit my documents and letter of introduction to your company in inquiry of the Corporate Recruiter position. I feel that my ability to put the proper candidates together with the right company would make an asset to Collective Technologies and I would bring a fresh outlook to your firm.

I am offering a brief summary of my skills and qualifications that can be found in more detail on my attached resume:

I have been working as a head hunter for corporations for over 7 years.

My skills with getting to the basic personality of an applicant means that I can better fit them with a company that offers them success and a solid future.

I will bring with me a list of clients that can benefit your firm in future placements and would bring much needed revenue to the firm.

I know that finding the right placement for any individual or client takes a team. For this reason, I know that I would become a vital member of Collective Technologies and would be an asset to all applicants and clients.

A meeting should be arranged so we can discuss in more detail my background and what I can offer your firm. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 or by email []



Rosie Escalante

Encl: Resume