Corporate Trainer Cover Letter

Here is the Corporate Trainer Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Rueda,

I am submitting these documents in reference to a Corporate Trainer position I would like to apply for with your company. I feel that my background in communications and motivational techniques would be beneficial to your company and I would be an asset in many ways to Grifols, Inc.

The following is a brief history of my skills and history that can be found in more detail by reading my attached resume:

I have more than 9 years working as a trainer and can be a relied upon liaison for any company.

My computer skills are top notch and I can offer valuable teaching skills when training new or existing employees on new software packages that they would need to complete their assigned duties.

Not only do I have the communication and computer skills, but I am a born teacher and find it a challenge to get those who have difficulties learning up to speed to save both the company from having to rehire and the employee from being released from their position.

I know that it takes a team to make any organization a success. A good trainer is a vital part of the team and something that I take very seriously which would be an advantage Grifols, Inc.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to sit and discuss with you my teaching and motivational skills further. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 or emailed at []



Bruce Justice

Encl: Resume