Cover Letter For A Faculty Position

Here is the Cover Letter For A Faculty Position example:

Dear Dr. Meyers:

I am excited to have the opportunity to apply for a faculty position at UMass-Boston-as it is not only my alma mater, but a school I have long since admired for its curriculum and development. Enclosed is a current copy of my CV, a list of achievements, and also curriculum proposals-as requested.

I have taught Psychology in two colleges previous to UMass-Boston-the University of New Hampshire and Vermont Social Studies Institute-both with high letter of achievement and teaching awards-as noted in my resume. Aside from being respected by supervisors and colleagues in both schools, I also have a strong ongoing dialogue with my students-as they find their way in this world with educated minds. I am a firm believer in prompting discussion of established and new concepts in my classrooms, and learning from my students as they learn what I have to teach them. This is by far, the best manner for learning-which I learned from my time as an undergraduate at UMass-Boston.

There are a number of fields of study I would like to focus on, if accepted for the position of Psychology faculty to include both beginning and advanced topics in psychology. I am fully versed in all established studies of psychology, and also stay on top of the most current and innovative studies being developed in industry studies around the world. What makes me an exceptional candidate is not just that I love to teach Psychology; but also, that I love the subject matter of Psychology-and this makes me the best kind of teacher for beginners and advanced students alike.

This said, I am very enthusiastic about talking with you further regarding possible coursework for UMass-Boston’s Psychology department; and welcome the opportunity of an interview. Please contact me at the following number: (012)-345-6789. Thanks so much for your time and consideration; and please let me know if I can further any other documents for your convenience.



Dr. Thomas McDuff

Encl: Resume