Cover Letter For A Principal

Here is the Cover Letter For A Principal example:

Dear Mr. Meyers,

I am applying for the position of Principal of Forest Glen Elementary School, with much enthusiasm, and the attached resume of qualifications.

Briefly, my accreditations are from Stanford University in Elementary Education, and a Masters in Education Administration. Furthermore, I have taught for over ten years at the elementary level; as well as been principal of two schools prior to now. I seek to contribute my wealth of experience at all levels of the educational system-both in theory and hands on application-to the great work I hear of happening at your school-Forest Glen Elementary School.

Beyond my educational qualifications of experience and education, I also offer a number of characteristics and values to your school, that are necessary for the proper administration of worthwhile education to its students, to include: a reverence for multi-cultural education and diversity, community involvement, constant parent dialogue and interaction, promotional events for educational programs, and the constant effort to ensure that our bright minds have all of the best tools they need to promote our tomorrow with their thoughts, creations, and inspirations. I am thorough, dedicated, a strong leader, great with kids, and can facilitate the best order of staff and students necessary for a well run educational institution.

This said, I have enclosed my most current resume, to list my accreditations, professional references, and awards in educational administration and teaching. I would love to speak more about my credentials if there is a time in the near future that avails you. Please contact me at this email or the following phone: (012)-345-6789. Thanks so much for your consideration, and I welcome your response.



Amy Orange

Encl: Resume