Cover Letter of a Recent College Graduate

Here is the Cover Letter of a Recent College Graduate example:

Dear Mr. Heinz:

My proven track record of successfully producing and editing media content in a variety of genres and industry materials, along with my recently earned Bachelors of Arts in Media Production makes me an ideal candidate for the Media Associate opportunity advertised on your website.

You specify that you are looking for a candidate that has along with stellar media producing and editing talent, solid communications skills, the ability to take initiative but also direction, and very well application of analytical and problem solving skills. My hands on course methods through my degree in Media Production, along with the summer internship I held in 2006 more than qualify me to these ends. I have been able to use these much needed industry skills and build upon them with the industry experience gained through working in a media environment, and now have solid knowledge of what it takes to select, analyze, edit, and optimize media forms to make sure it is the best it can be for third party clients, as well as in house needs. Along with my dire enthusiasm for the industry and my passion for learning, I offer all of these qualifications to the opportunity at hand, and ask that you consider me with these details in mind.

I very much look forward to discussing this position with you further, as well as how I can more specifically benefit your company’s goals in the present and future. Thank you so much for your time.


Sandy Sanderson