Critical Care Nurse Cover Letter

Here is the Critical Care Nurse Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Stewart,

When I saw your advertisement for a Critical Care Nurse, I began putting together my resume. Here is a recap of my skills and experience most relevant to this position.

I am currently employed with Lawrence Hospital Center as an RN where I work in the emergency room and the ICU unit. I have also spent some time working in the cardiac care unit. Working in these departments, I have gained a lot of experience dealing with critically ill patients, so I fully understand what this position entails.

I have the medical skills to monitor patients carefully to ensure the equipment is working properly. I can administer the necessary medications and perform other duties to ensure patients are receiving proper care and that they are as comfortable as possible. I have excellent writing skills and the ability to document all interactions with patients.

I am very observant and can notice even small changes in the status of patients and I know when to report even subtle changes that could indicate a bigger problem. Dealing with patients with life threatening illnesses requires patience, compassion and the ability to communicate with the patients and their families in a friendly and sympathetic manner.

I love helping others and I hope to expand my career by working for a larger institute such as yours. I believe that making this change would put me in a better position to help more critically ill patients and their families.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview where we can discuss the particulars of this position in more detail.


Lori Ferguson

Lori Ferguson

Resume Attached as MS Word Document