CRNA Cover Letter

Here is the CRNA Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Crystal Hill,

I am writing to apply for the CRNA position with Saint Vincent Hospital.

After receiving my bachelor’s degree in nursing, I began working towards my master’s degree in nurse anesthesia. I currently hold a license to practice as an RN and I passed the certification exam to hold the CRNA title. I have completed the training and gained the experience needed to fill this position. I am familiar with the administrative duties associated with this job and I am confident that I am the best applicant for the position.

I am thorough and dependable with the ability to work hand in hand with other professionals to meet the needs of the patients. My experience includes evaluating these needs and discussing the procedures with them, so they know what to expect and then preparing them for the procedure.

My training also includes creating a plan that provides the recommended type and level of anesthesia to use based on the procedure and the medical history of the patient. I also have the ability to note what signs to look for during and after the procedure that might indicate a problem.

I have the training to prepare, administer and adjust the IV fluids, drugs and anesthetics throughout the procedures as needed. My training also includes bringing patients out of the anesthetics, preparing them for transfer and following up to make sure they are responding in a positive manner. Due to my experience and training, I have the skills to react calmly and quickly to provide professional care for patients during an emergency.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.


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Norma Neill

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