Curatorial Assistant Cover Letter

Here is the Curatorial Assistant Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Smith,

The posting on for your Curatorial Assistant position captured my attention. I have been in this industry for two years, and would like to bring this experience and knowledge to your fine museum. My resume is included.

I have a special interest in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, as I have been visiting since I was child-on field trips and with my parents. It is part of what made me follow the career I did, and choose to get a BFA in Museum Administration. This said, I am very well acquainted with art topics, techniques, periods, and new and contemporary artists. I look to bring my passion for art, my education, and my experience in handling and protecting art in a museum atmosphere.

If we could get together in person, I would love to tell you more about why I would make the best choice for your position. Please do not hesitate to call me at (012)-345-6789. Thanks so much.



Carleen Henry

Encl: Resume