Customer Care Representative Cover Letter

Here is the Customer Care Representative Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Mcquade,

I am applying for a Customer Care Representative position with your company and am submitting these documents for your consideration. I feel that my background in customer service would be an asset to Pepco Holdings, Inc. and I would bring an enthusiasm for my job as well as a dedication to my customers to any company I work for.

I have summarized my qualifications that are found on my resume. I have:

The ability to work in a busy high paced office where the phones are ringing consistently as well as working in customer service where the customers are face to face with me.

Been working in customer service for over 6 years and have a personality that puts all customers at ease, particularly those who are in distress or are angry.

The customer is always right is not always the case but I always try to make them feel if they are even when they are not getting what they want, this attitude helps them to continue to be a customer of the company.

I know that a full team is needed for every company. Customer care means taking care of the customer as well as Pepco Holdings, Inc.

I would like to set up a time where we can meet and discuss my background further. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 or by email []



Daniel Burgess

Encl: Resume