Data Scientist cover Letter

Here is the Data Scientist cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Draper,

I am writing to apply for the Data Scientist position now available with Nutrisystem, Inc. and I believe that I am an excellent candidate for this job.

While there is no specific area of study assigned to this particular field, I have pursued studies in computer science and mathematics, which I believe has helped prepare me for this position. In addition, much of my studies revolved around biology and physics because I have a genuine interest in these two subjects as well.

I have acquired many of the skills needed to hold this position such as having the ability to research and understand statistical data. I also have the ability to do in-depth research to look for current trends in a variety of fields and I am familiar with business management. I have strong computer skills that include knowledge of HTML, PHP, Statistical language R and database languages.

I am hard working, reliable and I have great interpersonal and communication skills. I enjoy working in groups to compare notes and to hear the opinions of other professions but I also have the ability to work alone and maintain efficiency.

I have a real desire to learn more about how this type of business works and how it collects and uses the data received. I believe that I have what it takes to be one of the best Data Scientists in the field and I hope that you will look over my credentials and consider me for this position.

You can contact me by calling (012)-345-6789.



Priscilla Ramos

Encl: Resume