DEA Agent Cover Letter

Here is the DEA Agent Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Barbara Lazarus,

I would like to apply to your agency in order to become a DEA agent.

I have a bachelor’s degree in criminology and would not have a problem passing any of the tests, physical, mental or otherwise in order to be accepted into the training program. I have worked in law enforcement my entire adult career and worked in vice for many years. I have a great deal of experience working both under cover and in a patrol car working on drug cases and have testified in a courtroom situation when there was a need.

I am able to pass any tactical, intelligence or firearms training that I know is required before becoming an agent. I am in great physical health and take very good care of my body because I know that my job depends upon it. I am also computer literate and know that a great deal of research is done online and through computer based software programs. I am willing to relocate if necessary to any part of the country or world and can also be available for the eighteen week basic training that I would need to complete.

I have great interpersonal skills and can work in a team environment effectively by either taking the lead or following behind a team leader. I am willing to work under cover or in an office setting depending on the situation.

If you feel I would be a good candidate, please contact me at any time by calling (012)-345-6789 to set up a meeting.



Traci Jones

Encl: Resume