Debt Collector Cover Letter

Here is the Debt Collector Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Patterson,

I am submitting this packet as an inquiry into a Debt Collector position with your company. I have the skills to negotiate with debtors and knowledge of the Fair Collection Act which means that I always work in the best interest of the company and would be an asset to Elevations Credit Union.

I have summarized my skills and attributes which can be found in complete detail on my attached resume. I have:

Been in the collection business for over 7 years and enjoy that challenge that this career brings me.

Worked with new paper as well as old paper and do not have a problem collecting on those accounts that may be considered uncollectable.

Met every single quota that was put before me and in many cases I have collected double the amount that I was required to in every given month.

Collecting is not the easiest profession particularly now with the difficult economic times that people are struggling with. For this reason, I know I can bring a fresh voice and attitude to the company and I can compel debtors to take care of their financial obligations.

I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 or emailed at [] to set up a time to meet to discuss my experience further. I know that it would be beneficial to both of us to conduct this interview.


Anne Castle

Anne Castle

Resume Attached as MS Word Document