Demonstrator Cover Letter

Here is the Demonstrator Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Evans,

I am applying for the Demonstrator position with your company and would like to submit my documents for your consideration. I know that my people skills and ability to speak to crowds of strangers would be an asset to your company and that my personable attitude would benefit MCG – Market Connect Group.

The following is a summary of my qualifications which can be read in length on my attached resume:

I have been demonstrating products for over 11 years now and I enjoy the work immensely.

My personal appearance is always professional and I keep myself clean and my clothing ironed and tidy.

I bring an enthusiasm for each product that I demonstrate that makes customers want to purchase it for themselves and family members.

I am highly aware that my role as a demonstrator is the first look that many customers get of a product. For this reason, I feel that my demeanor and attitude would be a benefit to MCG – Market Connect Group and I would make a great demonstrator for your company.

I feel that a meeting to further discuss my experience and your needs for the company would benefit us both. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 and by email []


Your Signature

Thad Williams

Enclosure: Resume