Destination Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Destination Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Barbara Boldt,

I am applying for the Destination Manager position at your company Oceania Cruises.

While I do not hold a degree, I have worked in the travel and destination industry for many years and love putting clients together with the travel plans they are seeking. I have organized many destination getaways including weddings, corporate events and other events. This included putting together hotels, flights and transportation. When required I also aided clients in setting up event venues such as wedding chapels or meeting places.

I have worked directly with caterers, restaurants and entertainment specialists in order to put together the best event possible while still staying under budget. I can also set up personal hostesses, VIP getaways and unique travel ideas to fit any situation. If there is ever an issue, I have worked diligently behind the scenes to ensure that every aspect of the event went as planned.

I am highly organized and can handle more than one event at a time and understand the need for prioritizing my tasks to ensure that everything is completed and booked on time. I have great communication skills and speak Spanish fluently for events that may be booked in Spanish speaking countries. I enjoy working with clients and have a way of helping even the most difficult clients to find the perfect destination package for their event.

If you would like to speak to me further regarding my skills and how they can be an asset to your company, please feel free to contact me any time at (012)-345-6789.


Your Signature

Grace Seager

Enclosure: Resume