Diabetes Dietitian Cover Letter

Here is the Diabetes Dietitian Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Anissa Worrell,

I would like to apply for the diabetes dietitian position at your facility Lancaster General Hospital and am putting forward my resume for this reason.

I attended college and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition and am a registered dietician. I have been a certified diabetes educator for over four years now and have had many years of experience as a clinical dietician. I have a passion for helping those who do not understand how nutrition affects their lives. I have come up with creative ways to show adults how they can have great tasting meals while still controlling their blood sugar levels.

I find that it is more difficult to retrain adults to eat healthier because their habits have been ingrained for longer than children or teens. This is done through both verbal and written communications. I have experience in writing recipe and food choices that are not only healthy but affordable for even those who are on a limited budget. I can communicate effectively to the adults in the household who may have a diabetic child who has special nutritional needs.

I understand that working with patients requires a team situation with their general physician and I do not have any issues working in a team setting. I can also help those that do not have cooking skills to teach them how to prepare healthy meals and do not mind conducting these workshops either in the institution’s kitchen or the homes of my patients.

Please feel free to contact me anytime to set up a time where we can further discuss this job opening by calling (012)-345-6789.



Katie Cowman

Encl: Resume