Diamond Worker Cover Letter

Here is the Diamond Worker Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Maggie Scott,

I am applying for the position of Diamond Worker with Sterling Jewelers Inc.

I have an associate degree in gemology and I completed an apprenticeship to gain experience working with diamonds and other precious stones under the supervision of a professional. My experience includes working with a variety of tools and machines used in this profession and I have the ability to perform regular maintenance to keep them functioning correctly such as sharpening blades, plates and drills.

I have perfect vision and a good eye for detail, both of which are essential when working with diamonds. I have excellent hand-eye coordination along with the ability to stay focused on the job at hand when cutting, shaping or sawing diamonds to use in jewelry.

Some of the duties I performed included determining the shape and the cut of the stones and checking the angle during processing. I have the skills and training to use plot diagrams to identify and document the clarity characteristics of the stones. I also marked the position for drilling on the diamond dies and chose the appropriate shaping wheel and mixes to use.

I applied bort, abrasive and polishing compounds and I cut stones to meet the precise specifications. I also located and marked drilling positions and split gems on the pre-marked lines using the jeweler’s blade and hammer. I pay close attention to detail and have the ability to produce quality work. I hope to meet with you soon to discuss the details of this position.

You can contact me for an interview by calling (012)-345-6789.


Barbara Goldman

Barbara Goldman

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