Dietary Clerk Cover Letter

Here is the Dietary Clerk Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Mercedes Crenshaw,

I am writing to apply for the Dietary Clerk position with Valir Health Care.

I have included a detailed look at my educational background and experience in the attached resume but here is a brief outline of what I have to offer your organization, should you choose me to fill this position.

I have an associate degree in foods and nutrition and I volunteered with a local hospital to gain experience working in this type of environment. I have the ability to stay organized and oversee the meals to ensure they are prepared according to the diet plan and that they are sent to the right person.

I have the skills to help plan menus and to assess the nutritional needs of each patient. I can help analyze recipes to make sure they meet the nutrition value required and to find appropriate substitutes when necessary. I can help the kitchen area to run more smoothly by keeping the information concerning the dietary needs of the clients updated regularly.

I work well as part of a team or alone and I have the ability to adjust quickly to change. I have excellent verbal and writing skills and a photographic memory, which I believe helps to give me an advantage in this career choice. I am observant, dependable and take this position very seriously. It is vital that the nutritional needs of the clients are met to help maintain or acquire good health and I have the training and skills to be the best choice for this job.

You can reach me for an interview by calling (012)-345-6789.


Your Signature

Mary Auer

Enclosure: Resume