Digital Marketing Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Digital Marketing Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Laws,

I recently heard you were looking to fill an opening for a Digital Marketing Manager, and was pleased to see the posting on your web site was current. Please consider my application for the position.

I have an undergraduate degree in Marketing from Georgetown University, and have spent the last six years in e-marketing with a strong emphasis on search engine optimisation and search engine marketing. My responsibilities include setting goals for campaigns, and monitoring and reporting on results. Additionally, I take the lead role in the managing and maintenance of the company’s web site and social media accounts. This includes not only content management, but also managing analytics.

In the capacity of supporting the Marketing team, I recommend and implement the use of tools designed to improve results of campaigns. I also take the lead in training employees to use networking tools and social media platforms.

Working closely with Segment Marketing Managers, I develop and implement digital marketing strategies that support marketing goals while at the same time respecting the company’s bottom line. I liaise with IT and SEM specialists, develop and manage SEM campaigns in consultation with these professionals, and report on their progress. It is also my job to conduct market research, watch trends, and ensure the company’s e-marketing plan takes advantage of the latest developments in technology and social networking.

From the above you can see that I am a well-trained and well-rounded professional who can have a positive impact on your firm. I would love to discuss the possibility of joining your team. Please call me at (012)-345-6789.



Frank Eisele

Encl: Resume