Distribution Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Distribution Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Gonzales,

I am submitting this letter to apply for the Distribution Manager position with your company. I have a successful track record in the field of distribution for more than 13 years which I think will make me a valuable asset to Milgard Manufacturing.

I have carefully read the qualifications for this position and believe that I am more than qualified to fill this position and be useful to the company. My diverse background in distribution of various products will help me to assist your company with their goals both short term and long term.

I would like to summarize my qualifications as described in detail on my attached resume:

I have more than 13 years experinece in the distribution industry

Experience under 3 different distribution managers to help me hold the position myselfAttention to detail and ability to work well with peopleAbility to remain on task and stay focused

My resume also gives more detail into the companies and managers I have worked for previously if you’d like to follow up with my track record and experience.

I would like the opportunity to have a discussion to get into more detail about what I can offer your company. Please call me at (012)-345-6789 or email me at [email@resumetemplate.ca] to discuss a time to meet.



Fernando Clevenger

Encl: Resume