Domestic Violence Advocate Cover Letter

Here is the Domestic Violence Advocate Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Ford,

These documents are being submitted in order to put my name forward for the Domestic Violence Advocate position at your company. I know that my background in child protection services coupled with my knowledge of what domestic violence entails would make me an asset to your organization and my skills would be beneficial to Accord Corp.

I have attached my resume to this letter of introduction and I would like to summarize the points of my resume with the following:

I have worked with victims of domestic violence including women and children for over 12 years and know that I bring compassion to the position that many may not have.

My education includes the proper accreditation for this position and I have the working history to follow that up.

I am available for home visits and all the other case management that is required to fill this position.

Working with those who have been in abusive relationships can require a great deal of patience and investigation. I know that my skills and background would bring Accord Corp compassion and caring that those who are in abusive situations would appreciate.

I would like to set up a time to get together and further discuss your needs and how I can fulfill them. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 or emailed at []


Karen Fullwood

Karen Fullwood

Resume Attached as MS Word Document