Door Supervisor Cover Letter

Here is the Door Supervisor Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Fair,

The open position of Door Supervisor with Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants caught my attention and I am confident that I am the perfect applicant for this job.

I have a winning personality with interpersonal skills to make all guests feel welcome and appreciated but I have the training and skills to keep your facility secure and safe for all guests and employees. My military background gives me the ability to exercise authority and to gain the respect of all visitors but my friendly smile and happy attitude makes them feel relaxed.

I am very perceptive with the skills to keep the facility safe and to ensure that illegal items such as guns, knives or drugs are not brought into your establishment. I do not have any reservations about searching guests or their belongings when necessary but I can do so discreetly and respectfully.

I have the physical and mental ability to resolve conflicts before they become a major problem and to break up altercations when they occur in a fast and efficient manner. I also have the ability to maintain crowd control to prevent injuries from occurring and to work as a team with co-workers.

I have the knowledge to check ID and verify age to ensure all guests are legal to enter premises or that they are on the guest list for invitation only events. I have the skills to sell or collect tickets, escort guests as they leave when necessary and deal with emergencies in a calm and efficient manner.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.


Your Signature

Taylor Collins

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