DOT Inspector Cover Letter

Here is the DOT Inspector Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Nancy Rasmussen,

I am applying for the DOT Inspector position with Auto Truck Group.

I am mechanically inclined and tech savvy with over four years of experience working at a mechanic shop that specialized in working on buses. During this time, I gained extensive knowledge of these vehicles and I know what is required for them to be safe to drive.

To prepare for this position, I completed a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering while working as a mechanic and I have the knowledge to inspect the braking system, tire tread, air pressure and other parts of the vehicle that affects safety.

When conducting an inspection, I have lots of patience, which is needed to be thorough in order to make sure every detail is covered. If problems are found, I have the verbal skills to explain what needs to be taken care of before the vehicle will be allowed back on the road. I also have the writing skills to fill out a detailed report describing the problem and recommendations made.

I pay close attention to detail and I have the ability to notice even the smallest problems that could pose a safety risk. I know and adhere to the safely regulations associated with these buses and I will only allow the ones that meet these standards to stay on the road.

I have the skills and training to conduct daily inspections to make sure public buses are safe for all passengers and drivers. I am physically able to perform the duties required by this position and I have the ability to conduct the in-depth inspections needed to make sure this type of public transportation is safe to drive.

You can contact me for an interview by calling (012)-345-6789.



Robert Lytle

Encl: Resume