Draughtsman Cover Letter

Here is the Draughtsman Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Le Merkley,

I am applying for the Draughtsman position with Hire Resolve.

I have an associate degree in mechanical engineering and I completed a six-month training course to help prepare for this position. I have knowledge of physical sciences, building materials and common engineering practices that help to create accurate designs. I also possess exceptional math skills with the ability to perform algebra, calculus and geometry proficiently.

I have the ability to create architectural, technical and mechanical drawings and maps using web and drafting software such as Cad and Autocad. I have experience using computer-aided design and drafting systems to create, store and print detailed drawings.

I have the skills to program drawings into the automated system, which makes it possible to create variations of each design and to print out the design quickly when needed. I am very creative and pay close attention to detail to ensure accuracy.

I completely understand and follow drafting procedures that includes determining the end goal for the design, dividing it into subdivisions and setting a completion date for each section. I also understand the importance of consulting with the engineers during each stage of the project to get feedback and make changes as needed to ensure the final design meets all specifications.

I have very strong communication skills to discuss the project with engineers to determine what the specifications of the designs should be. I also have the ability to explain how to read the details of the designs correctly so they can be implemented during the building stage.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.


William Johnston

William Johnston

Resume Attached as MS Word Document