Drilling Supervisor Cover Letter

Here is the Drilling Supervisor Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Moran,

I am applying for the Drilling Supervisor position with Olgoonik Oilfield Services, LLC.

I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering technology and over three years of experience working at a drilling site where I have proven my skills and abilities as a laborer. My hands on experience combined with my education and personal skills make me an excellent candidate to fill this position.

I have the experience to examine the drilling sites and determine if they are safe to drill or to determine what needs to be done before drilling begins. I can work with management to help create operational plans and procedures that will help company run more smoothly and meet its goals.

I am computer literate and I have excellent communication skills with the ability to speak clearly and to understand the information or instructions I am given. I can converse with government officials, executives, engineers and employees in person or through reports, email or by phone without difficulty.

I have the skills to handle the supervisory role required by this position such as analyzing the financial situation, determining budget needs, managing payroll, creating schedules and ordering equipment and materials. I can also keep management updated on the progress and other important information at drilling sites and I know how many employees are needed to handle a job safely.

I have excellent problem solving and decision-making skills, which are vital in this position. I have the ability to make sure employees are following instructions, staying on schedule, meeting daily production goals and producing quality work while following all safety procedures.

Please call (012)-345-6789 for an interview.



Rachell Thomas

Encl: Resume