Drug Safety Associate Cover Letter

Here is the Drug Safety Associate Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Monique Downey,

I am writing to apply for the Drug Safety Associate position with Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

I have a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and the ability to work with the physicians in drug safety to make sure all medical assessments and reviews are reported appropriately. I have extensive knowledge of MS Office programs and other software used in managing large databases. I know and have the ability to use proper terminology, I am familiar with the coding dictionaries and I have extensive knowledge of pharmacovigilance regulations and clinical trial methodology.

I have the skills and training needed to monitor and keep track of all mild to serious adverse drug reactions associated with marketed products and with any compounds considered for public use. I have the training and skills to record all data (along with a summary explaining the source and procedures used) into the database accurately and to make updates as new information becomes available.

I have the interpersonal skills to work well as part of a team and the motivation to work independently. I have exceptional research skills with the ability to collect all data surrounding the adverse effects of drugs from various clinical studies, trials and cases.

I have the ability to stay updated on all new safety guidelines and to adhere to the FDA and International rules and regulations at all times. I have the ability to adapt quickly to a changing environment and to switch priorities when necessary. I also have excellent time management and organizational skills needed to manage large amounts of data.

My contact number is (012)-345-6789.



Charlene Searle

Encl: Resume