E Commerce Manager Cover Letter

Here is the E Commerce Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Behrens,

I am applying for the E Commerce Manager position now available with Meredith Corporation.

I have included my resume with a complete look at my skills and education but here is a brief list of the most relevant information pertaining to this position. I have a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems degree and my studies included computer algorithms and development, computer architecture and operations, project management and marketing.

I have the experience needed to manage your company’s online presence to help increase brand awareness and gain your company the positive attention it needs to stay one-step ahead of the competition. My experience includes collecting and analyzing data, developing and programming new systems and creating marketing programs.

I have experience choosing the best format for websites, working with HTML coding, programming languages and with maintaining database security. I have the ability to monitor all marketing plans and techniques to determine their effectiveness and to make changes when necessary. I stay updated on all the newest technology associated with online marketing and I have the knowledge to know which technology can benefit your company the most.

I have the ability to negotiate contracts with suppliers, vendors and all services used by the company and to provide excellent customer service at all times. I understand social media networking along with how to use it as a marketing tool to help increase revenue and to build a strong relationship between the company and its customers. I am the best applicant for this position and I hope to meet with you soon.

My contact number is (012)-345-6789.



Geraldine Black

Encl: Resume