Economic Development Cover Letter

Here is the Economic Development Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Latrice Silva,

I am writing to express my interest in obtaining a position in the Economic Development industry.

With a bachelor’s degree in economics from Ohio University and two years of experience working in the field, I am ready to start my career by securing a position where I can use my knowledge and training to their fullest potential.

I have the ability to work with and apply statistical and mathematical methods to analyze and interpret data. My experience includes creating and implementing surveys, evaluating economic trends and making recommendations for new economic development projects.

I have the ability to do in-depth research to gather information and the computer skills to sort out massive amounts of data in order to analyze and evaluate the current economic conditions and to predict future trends. I have strong technical writing skills needed to create detailed reports containing the most important information gathered, along with the ability to present this data in a clear and concise manner in reports and when conducting presentations.

I have good people skills with the ability to work as part of a team efficiently and I always maintain a friendly attitude when working in stressful situations. I possess excellent organization and time management skills with the ability to stay organized, prioritize and meet tight deadlines. I also have strong problem solving and decision-making skills.

If you have an opening for someone who is knowledgeable, dependable and dedicated to doing a good job, please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview where we can discuss details.



Melanie Henderson

Encl: Resume