Education Coordinator Cover Letter

Here is the Education Coordinator Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Johnson,

I am applying for the Education Coordinator at your school and have submitted these documents as an introduction. I know that my skills at creating educational programs for all age and educational levels would be a benefit to your school and I would bring an innate desire to make sure all the students at Jack London High School are educated.

I am attaching my resume and would like to summarize it with the following:

I have over eleven years experience setting up education curriculum and understand the process needed for every school and grade level.

My skills include speaking with parents, teachers and other officials about the needs of the students and the school.

I have the training skills to make sure that all teachers, instructors and professors know what is expected of them and where they need to rehash their syllabi or programs that they have for their students.

I know that teaching is more than just offering information to students. For that reason, I know that my skills could be used to their best advantage by Jack London High School and that I would be an asset to this school.

I would like the opportunity to discuss further my background and education in order to illustrate how I can be a contributing member of your program. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 or emailed at []


Your Signature

Gertrude Garcia

Enclosure: Resume