Electrical Apprentice Cover Letter

Here is the Electrical Apprentice Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Goff,

I am submitting these documents in the hope of obtaining an Electrical Apprentice position with your company in order to complete my education. I have taken all the required coursework and need this apprenticeship in order to graduate which I am hoping to do with honors and that is why I know I would be a great addition to Integrated Electrical Services.

I have attached my resume which shows in depth my background and education but the following is a brief summary for your convenience:

I have not worked in the electrical industry as of yet, but I have completed the majority of my coursework that could be considered experience.

The time required to fulfill my obligation as an apprentice does not bother me and I am willing to continue on with the company after this period if need be.

I take direction well and understand that I am not ready to work on my own yet and that I need the guidance of an electrician who has more experience than I do.

Working as an apprentice is necessary in order to complete my schooling which I am excited about doing. For this reason, I know I would bring an enthusiasm to my work and would be an asset to Integrated Electrical Services.

I can be reached in order to further discuss my education and your needs by calling (012)-345-6789 or by emailing me at [email@resumetemplate.ca] I know that I can make a positive contribution to your company.



Patricia Astle

Encl: Resume