Environmental Planner Cover Letter

Here is the Environmental Planner Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Eva Moore,

I am applying for the Environmental Planner position with Power Engineers, Inc.

I have a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and I completed an internship to learn about environmental concerns. I also gained hands-on experience working in the field and the laboratory taking samples and conducting tests. I have extensive knowledge of the principles and standards associated with environmental resources in addition to all the state and federal laws and regulations that apply. I also have a good understanding of the scientific, political, ethical and economical sides surrounding environmental issues.

I have the training and skills to conduct research and to collect samples to analyze in order to determine the condition of the environment in specific areas. I can then use the information to create management and restoration plans. I have extensive knowledge of computer diagram and mapping software such as CAD and GIS programs with the ability to create diagrams and schematics to help explain the plans.

I have the ability to identify environmental problems and to prepare reports or give presentations explaining the issues that need to be addressed. I also have the skills to conduct studies that look at the ecological effects that changes in the environment have on a particular area.

I have excellent verbal and writing skills with the ability to convey information in a clear and effective manner. I have a real concern for preserving the environment as much as possible and the knowledge to help find ways to make a difference.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.



David Elizalde

Encl: Resume