Environmental Science Cover Letter

Here is the Environmental Science Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Kristina Arredondo,

I am searching for a position in Environmental Science.

I have a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Brown Mackie College and my courses included geology, biology, hazardous-waste management and chemistry. While completing my internship, I gained extensive fieldwork and some laboratory experience. My experience also includes using computer modeling and digital mapping to determine the extent of pollution in any given area and to predict how it will change in the future.

I have extensive knowledge of conservation, degradation and replenishment along with the ability to conduct studies, compile findings and to create documents recording all of the information collected. I have strong analytical and observational skills with the ability to determine the source of any problem detected and to determine how harmful it is to the environment. This way, it can be handled in a timely manner according to priority.

I possess excellent communication skills with the ability to present information in person through presentations or in writing detailing the results of all studies. I also have good interpersonal skills and a friendly personality that encourages teamwork, which helps to make the team more productive.

I am physically fit and able to do the fieldwork and I have the ability to travel with short notice and to work long hours to meet tight deadlines. I also have plans to continue my education to receive my master’s degree and it is my desire to help preserve and protect the earth’s air and water supplies by helping to develop new, effective ways to reduce pollution.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.


Yvette Murray

Yvette Murray

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