Estate Agent Cover Letter

Here is the Estate Agent Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Small,

I am applying for the Estate Agent position available with Altitude Real Estate Group.

I am currently working for a small realtor company where I help individuals buy and sell personal property but I would like to move into dealing with commercial property. I believe that my past experience has prepared me for this competitive market and that I can be a real asset to your company.

I always show integrity and work in the best interest of my clients never trying to convince them to buy or sell anything that is not best for them. I have experience preparing contracts for clients and I have the ability to arrange inspections of the property and surveying when needed.

I have excellent interpersonal skills with a very persuasive personality that gives me an edge in this business. I also possess outstanding research skills needed to determine the real value of property, so I can get both buyers and sellers the very best deal. This makes it possible to provide my clients with an accurate assessment of the worth of the property they are selling or interested in buying. This also gives me the advantage when negotiating prices for my clients.

I know and adhere to all local and state laws associated with property and I have the ability to work within the time frame agreed upon in the contract. I also have the ability to promote my services and maintain a website to promote the listings with visual tours of the property.

You can reach me for an interview by calling (012)-345-6789.


Lori Sloan

Lori Sloan

Resume Attached as MS Word Document