Event Management Cover Letter

Here is the Event Management Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Dionne Bertram,

I am applying for an Event Management position and I have the skills and experience needed to handle all of your events efficiently.

While earning a bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University, I worked as an assistant manager for an events planning company. During this time, I learned how unpredictable this type of work can be and how important it is to be flexible and resourceful. Sometimes, you need to think outside the box and above all else, it is important to remain calm and focused when under pressure, so you can resolve the issue quickly.

I have excellent time management skills with the ability to schedule and coordinate the staff throughout the entire project. I also have strong communication and people skills with the ability to address the staff in an efficient but respectful manner and to accept criticism as a way to make improvements. I have also learned that every job is vital to the success of the company and that the staff will often have ideas and suggestions that can greatly improve production.

I pay close attention to detail and possess excellent organization skills with the ability to handle multiple responsibilities efficiently. I also have CPR and first aid training in the event of an emergency along with the ability to obtain the proper license and permit needed for each event. I am passionate about my work and have a real desire to provide excellent service that meet or exceed the expectations of the clients.

Please call (012)-345-6789 if your company is in need of someone with my qualifications.


Lynn Sanders

Lynn Sanders

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