Event Producer Cover Letter

Here is the Event Producer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Karen Lederman,

I am writing to apply for the position of Event Producer with Frost & Sullivan.

While acquiring a bachelor’s degree in marketing, I completed an internship to gain firsthand experience working as an Event Producer. I have acquired the skills to provide exceptional service to ensure your events run smoothly from the beginning planning stages to the very end.

I possess active listening skills with the ability to comprehend the overall goal that you hope to accomplish with each specific event and the skills to make it happen. I can communicate effectively and know what questions to ask to ensure all details are covered. I have excellent public relations skills and experience with promoting and raising funds for special events.

I possess excellent management skills with the ability to recruit and hire the staff needed for each event and to obtain all permits required by the state before making any arrangements. I have outstanding interpersonal skills with the ability to work with clients from all types of demographics and to cater to special needs.

I have excellent time management, organizational and problem solving skills with the ability to meet tight deadlines. I have the ability to ensure everything, right down to the seating arrangements, are handled professionally and according to instructions. I have the ability to keep detailed records of all expenses, payments and all other correspondence. I thoroughly enjoy planning social events and I hope to meet with you soon to discuss this position in person.

You can reach me by calling (012)-345-6789.



Peter Ferrell

Encl: Resume